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Whether you've been using Planisware for 5 days or 5 years, find the best solution to answer your training needs and boost user adoption.

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As a customer, boost user adoption and knowledge with Engage


Our Engage module is the perfect solution: this is a customizable training solution that provides a unique and compelling value to increase usage and adoption of your organization's Planisware solution.

From onboarding and beyond, leverage Planisware Engage to scale your learning efforts without compromising the user experience. Engage module can easily be adapted to your organization's size and maturity level.

The Engage solution will be tailored to your organization's size and maturity level in order to build a robust adoption and training program. The training material is designed with different user profiles in mind (Project manager, Team member, Portfolio executive...).

In short, Engage is a customizable solution that is designed to fit your organization's specific training and onboarding needs.

If you want to take things one step further, you can turn to our Academy programs to boost your administrator knowledge. More details below.

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence by getting Planisware certified

Companies value the experience of certified professionals who can ensure smoother implementations and promote a better use of Planisware solutions.

Thanks to our Academy programs, these professionals could be your own Planisware administrators, or one of our partners. 

Getting certified shows your ability to transform businesses with Planisware, boosts your career as an admin and sets you up to contribute even more to your organization's success.