New roads lead to growth

All Planisware customers are forward-thinking organizations who reinvent processes and create new services, new products, and more, to effect positive change and grow.

But our customers often struggle with issues of scale as they grow, when former ways of working are overwhelmed by the volume, severity, and expense of trying to do it all.

Realize your strategic vision

How you focus on fully realizing the most strategic initiatives makes all the difference in journeys of business innovation.

These transformative journeys are what we are proud to share with our customers. We empower them with the tools to innovate faster, safely, and at scale, to better serve more people.

Planisware Customer Stories

Planisware has been selected as the core solution for managing project portfolio activities by 500+ customers in 30+ countries worldwide.

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Innovate faster, and at scale

An investment in innovation results in improved processes and the ability to scale effectively, allowing organizations to maximize their potential. Planisware paves the way forward with clear, immediate, and on-target plans on which the whole organization can collaborate.


The Planisware Cloud is a multidimensional solution that helps organizations realize their transformations. Our solution grows with you – as your needs expand, you will discover how it addresses additional use cases.

Our comprehensive offering encompasses three main dimensions: Strategy & Financial Planning; Project & Portfolio Management; and Engineering, Application, and Product Management.

What sets Planisware apart...

Planisware is a leading business-to-business (“B2B”) provider of Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) in the rapidly growing Project Economy. Planisware’s mission is to provide solutions that help organizations transform how they strategize, plan and deliver their projects, project portfolios, programs and products.

With nearly 600 employees across 12 offices as of January 2023, Planisware operates at significant scale serving around 500 organizational clients in a wide range of verticals and functions across more than 30 countries worldwide. Planisware’s clients include large, global blue-chip companies, as well as medium-sized businesses and public sector entities.

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Explore Planisware Solutions

Planisware Orchestra

Adaptive Project Management at its best
Portfolio management to project execution
A turnkey cloud solution to quickly streamline your project decision-making, foster collaboration and ensure best practice across your whole organization.

Planisware Enterprise

Strategic Portfolio Management at scale
Advanced portfolio and project delivery
Built to capture your strategy, align your portfolio, execute your projects, accelerate your products to market, and co-ordinate your teams efficiently.