Reduce the time in half for managers to gather project status data and manually build reports. Orchestra captures the data and makes it available in real-time.


Improve your project's impact & effectiveness by aligning projects with your resource capacity, fundings, best practices and strategic goals.


Increase your organization's agility by enhancing stakeholder collaboration, while having the potential to continuously adapt your portfolio.

Make decisions based on consolidated and reliable project data

Stop getting thousands of Excel sheets with diverse sources and incomplete data! Get a unique source of truth, a consolidated and clear visibility on all project’s activities:

  • Track in real-time progress, issues, expenses, time and many more
  • Control continuously you are inline with your business objectives and OKRs 
  • Accelerate reporting and review preparation with flash reports and shared dashboards

Streamline processes to accelerate value delivery

Your teams use different tools, approaches, and objectives. Information, documents, and data are disseminated. Stop working in silo and make room for collaborative achievements.

  • Share best practices and templates with all stakeholders combining multiple methodologies (waterfall, agile, phase-gate)
  • Control your project lifecyle defining workflows on ideas, gates, deliverables, risks, and business cases
  • Bring your teams more agility as you adapt work plans continuously throughout your project’s life

Know what needs to be done, now!

How can you optimize the planning of your resources to get the right resources, to the right projects, at the right time? It's as easy as Planisware Orchestra!

Centralize in one tool, all the data on resources (i.e. skills, assignments, non-project, activities, cost, etc.), project needs, and the capacity of your teams and organization.

Thus, you get all the information to fine-tune resources leveling and react quickly when unexpected events occur (i.e. new needs, sickness, task overtime, etc.).


Prioritize investments on initiatives that bring value to the business

Ongoing work is stuck in people's minds.  Identify and take control of all of your activities.  Put an end to scope, time, and quality drift.  Make your strategic contribution clear, to align all initiatives with your strategy.


What I/we perhaps like most about the software is the ability to not only plan the project, but assign resources (allocate) at different increments (hours, % of FTE, days) - and to have that information push automatically to the individual owners of those allocations for task management and time reporting.

- Antonio N.,
Higher Education

Its design is clear and intuitive, which allows the different users to navigate inside the tool after 1 hour of training. We use it to manage the R&D activity of several laboratories in the world with more than thousand of users and several thousands of projects followed by the system.

- Thierry J.,

I enjoyed how easy the software is to navigate, it is easy to switch between information such as projects, resources and users etc. I also believe exports are a key feature that I enjoy the most. Being able to easily grab the information that I need from the system in a ready-to-use format is incredibly helpful.

- Dante T.,

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