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Planisware Enterprise - Product Tour

Roadmapping & Budget Prioritization

Define your strategic objectives and create successful roadmaps built to focus on meeting those goals. Prioritize your budget to ensure your projects are aligned accordingly. Consolidate milestones and deliverables to have an exact view of your progress. Define your budget dimensions to ensure you're matching expectation with reality.

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Business Case to Scenario Comparison & Optimization

Evaluate project proposals against qualitative attributes (standardized through scorecards) and quantitative metrics (such as cash flow, NPV, ECV).

Find the right mix of projects to create a high value, balanced portfolio, aligned with corporate strategy – within budget and resource constraints.

Create investment scenarios – with the help of advanced techniques such as the efficient frontier – and compare them against your strategic axes. Adjust and optimize your plan as the organizational context evolves.

Resource Planning

The Resource Bottleneck and Supply vs. Demand vs. Capacity views allow users to immediately identify over-allocations and under-utilized resources, but also ensure the most important projects have the resources they need at the right time.

Easy access to information, like project priorities, helps resource managers make trade-offs and project timing decisions quickly. You can use what-if analysis tools to simulate resourcing changes and see the impact across the project portfolio before making difficult decisions.

The capacity, supply, demand and actuals framework of resource schedules provide visibility into the organization’s resource commitments, project progress, resource consumption, and future work.

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At the Enterprise level: apply funding to your strategic themes, prioritize your portfolio on both Agile and non-Agile work, and organize activities into streams.

Organize major initiatives or work into Agile programs (or Trains in the SAFe framework). Prioritize features by using the Weighted Shortest Job First (WSJF) method and follow progress with the Portfolio Kanban.

At the team level: adopt the Agile methodology to manage your projects through teams, features, stories, sprints, and kanbans.

Ensure that work is either delivered with cadence and synchronicity (e.g. the Program Increment and Program Increment Planning known as Scrum Agile) or adopt continuous delivery (Agile Kanban).

Manage dependencies between features/stories carried out by different teams and provide a consolidated vision of the backlog and progress.

Resource Estimates to Allocation

Create initial resource demand from templates to increase the reliability of your early phase estimates. Use Planisware's Parametric Estimation, Estimation by Analogy or AI-based estimation tools to help your experts fine-tune their forecasts.

Capitalize on convenient role-based workflows and named resource level forecasting reports to manage your workforce quickly and efficiently.

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plwesc7_program_profit_loss (1).png


Build a business plan and shape your budget. As your plan unfolds, consolidate costs & expenditures from contributing projects and revise your estimates.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Explore real-time data through ad-hoc reporting and dynamic data analysis. Manage by exception and drill down to the right level of detail to help solve issues.

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Project Scheduling

For scheduling, Planisware Enterprise provides an advanced Gantt chart engine, PERT diagram, and the means to construct the WBS. Earned Value and the Stage-Gate methodology are supported as well.

Collaboration and Communication

Different features (i.e. workbox, social feed, documents, issues) help ensure information is centralized and shared so that all stakeholders are kept up to speed and communication is effective.

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Agile Operations

Become nimble in the face of disruption through configurable agile frameworks that can be deployed across the organization. Benefit from a diverse repertoire of methodologies to engage every aspect of the business alongside SAFe support to drive optimum business agility.

  Spotlight on Agility

Scaled Agile

Scaled Agile Platform Partner

Planisware supports Agile at the portfolio and operational levels.


ISO 27001 Certified

Planisware cloud procedures are ISO 27001 certified. Planisware is also AICPA certified and compliant with SOC 1 & 2 Type II standards. 


SAP Certified

The Planisware Enterprise connector is certified by SAP for reliability and performance.


Planisware provides scalable and robust PPM, with features allowing users to prioritize projects included in a portfolio, and then drill down into planned resource consumption views, head count requirements, planned expenditures and budgets.

By also tracking cost and value against projects, users can then present historical, present and future perspectives of their project portfolios.

Planisware Enterprise is strong in supporting the emergent PPM shift away from a project-based focus to more of a product-based focus, where appropriate.

- Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management,

Planisware (...) ha(s) built (its) businesses around the product development space and (is one of the two) clear market share leader.

Look for these vendors to differentiate themselves from the other market entrants by offering high-value product technology strategy capabilities, portfolio analytics, and other executive-decision-support features.

- Forrester, It’s Time To Revisit PPM For Product Development,

Planisware is a solid PPM solution for large enterprises with capital investment or product development portfolios. Its multi-lingual and multi-currency support and strong partner network makes it an ideal solution for global enterprises.

- Info-Tech, Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management,