90% of our customers have deployed Planisware in multiple locations

Over 50% of our customers are deployed in 2 or more countries, some in over 80 countries

Over 80% of our customers integrate Planisware with multiple systems

Key Use Cases

Organizations Delivering Customer Projects

Planisware supports Professional Services Organizations (PSos), Embedded Services Organizations (ESOs), Managed Services Organizations (MSOs) or any other business with revenue generating activities, for tracking the incoming opportunities, detailed execution of plans, contract performance tracking, and financial health of the business

Managing Engagements

Engagement management for your commercial or government customers, involving multi-year budget tracking, contract delivery management, change control processes, risk management, earned value management (EVM), government reporting, and advanced cost controlling.

Integrated View

Building an integrated view of the entire company’s financial operations provides an invaluable snapshot of how the organization is performing against benchmarks, revenue targets, cost management, resource management, and project management, helping owners and leadership identify areas of improvement and growth.

360° Customer Journey

360 view of Customer Journey providing executives with financial tracking visibility on proposal from origin, through bid to delivery

A sample of Planisware 500+ customers

Solution Highlights


  • As opportunities and timelines change quickly, the process of project planning, resource balancing, and engagement forecasting requires a seamless relationship between your CRM and projects.
  • 360° customer relationship: build visibility into the customer lifecycle from the sales pipeline, planning, engagements, to final invoice.

Project Controls

  • The ability to calculate accurate cost estimates based on historical data or algorithmic modeling is a game-changer during the estimation phase of a project. Planisware is the only PSA software on the market that features both a parametric estimation engine and predictive analysis based on historical data.
  • Planisware cost engine support all the needs of financial controllers and includes material billing and cost, labor billing and cost, subcontracting cost and PO Management, as well as Fixed-Fee and Milestone billing.
CRM Pipeline View

Contract Management

The contract management module simplifies the entire lifecycle from bid through execution all the way to closeout. Everything is integrated from start to finish – allowing for better and more effective planning, tracking, analysis as well as a central space to track all your engagements with your customers and/ or suppliers.

Portfolio Visibility

Get visibility across your entire portfolio. Planisware aggregates data along predefined breakdown structures, and computes standard KPIs, such as return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), expected commercial value (ECV), resource load and risk levels, and business-specific OKRs.