Articulate connected, multi-layered roadmaps that illustrate the route you'll take to achieve your strategic vision.

More than just a picture, Planisware roadmaps are driven by real data. Drill down on individual elements to access the next level of detail. Create roadmaps for every level of your organization - from corporate strategy to value streams, portfolios, programs, and products.

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SPM Roadmap

Define investment targets across multiple strategic axes to keep portfolio budgets aligned with strategic objectives.

See how portfolio scenarios fit with your investment goals, evaluate and address discrepancies between projected portfolio spending and funding priorities, and get early warning when spend drifts from strategy.

Measure progress with Objectives & Key Results (OKRs) that draw data directly from the project portfolio.

Create OKRs that match how you measure value at your organization and link them to data in the project portfolio to get a real-time view of how your strategic objectives are progressing. 


Beyond projects: Focus investments on the

business assets that support your strategic vision


Communicate and connect strategic vision to every area of your organization for leaner, more integrated operations. From product portfolios to business technology, ensure that every asset you invest in is optimized to drive strategic value.

Product Portfolio Management

Capture competitive analysis, business case, requirements, and more at the product level to evaluate strategic fit and prioritize products for portfolio inclusion. Consolidate demand and cost estimates directly from associated projects to ensure budget and resource constraints are respected.

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Product management
Network graph for Enterprise Architecture

Integrated IT Portfolio Management

Map and visualize how your enterprise connects, from capabilities and processes, to applications and technologies, to the project portfolio. Planisware gives enterprise architects, IT leaders, and application portfolio managers the strategic and operational insights they need to drive the organization forward, together.

Play demo: enterprise architecture


Planisware provides a truly integrated forecast the informs portfolio tradeoffs. The vendor is able to provide creative solutions with the tool's framework and I have the Planisware platform is very robust and feature rich.

Gartner Peer Insights Review

Planisware has been instrumental at our organization . . . The tool has allowed us to create portfolio reports that are used for key decision making at the executive level within our company. This has allowed us to make critical decisions with an ever changing portfolio.

Director, Business Development

Planisware is a strong tool that can be scaled for an enterprise implementation. The product has allowed us to maintain our portfolio, and re-adjust as necessary, especially during the current world conditions.

Project Planner

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