CRM Pipeline View

Seamlessly connect to your CRM for more accurate planning​

  • Improve visibility into the customer journey with a 360-degree view.

  • Stand out in competitive bids with Planisware, the only PSA software that offers both a parametric estimation engine and predictive analysis based on historical data. 

  • Accurately forecast sales and costs using an extensive Profit & Loss statement tool.

500+ Customers

With more than 500 customers and a 90%+ renewal rate, Planisware has been a solid leader in the PPM Market for more than 20 years. 

Planisware's strategy: growing with it's customers and successfully delivering them customized features - has permitted the company to grow in every region of the world, bringing the best experts to the customers, wherever they are. 

From Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to Professional Services Automation (PSA), Planisware capabilities will enable your company to reach the next level of expertise and success.

PLW Contract

Align projects with contractual agreements

  • Improve margins by aligning contract management with project revenue goals and make informed decisions. 

  • Efficiently structure projects by aligning them with contract elements, to track progress, budget, and deliverables for each revenue activity.

  • Understand contract changes in execution and billable margins with scenario planning on how project changes affect revenue.​

Track Revenue

Manage with Cost Breakdown Structures or Suppliers Cost reports.
Model profit and loss statements.
Manage payments, expenditures, commitments.

Project Planning

Standardize planning with pre-build templates.
Delegate projects from internal to external teams.
Track status of key milestones.

Forecast & Optimization

Gain visibility of your resource pool.
Increase usage by calculating demand with resource valorization.
Match internal and external resources, and pilot your costs with scenario planning.