Rationalize applications, identify synergies, maximize asset value


Understand dependencies, remain compliant, address technical debt


Visualize business outcome to capability links​

Need cutting edge Application Portfolio Management capabilities?

Our EOS ITPM partnership allows you to capture & analyze the most advanced application portfolios at scale. The collaboration and partnership of two leading software products offers an exceptional new offering to the IT market. Understand your IT infrastructure with a consolidated view of application lifecycles, metrics including Total Cost of Ownership, TIME status (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate), and more.

Discover Planisware IT+, our best in class SPM solution.

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Unprecedented access to best-practice blueprints for IT

Is lack of visibility hindering your ability to drive your portfolio and activities as efficiently as you would like? Are you missing opportunities to contribute in a more meaningful way to the organization's strategy?

Planisware and EOS Software have over 20 years of dedication to the IT space, and made models and processes readily available to all.


Business capability models serve as a tool for Enterprise Architects, enabling discussions about strategic investment or divestment.

With Planisware Enterprise's built-in capability map, you can structure the process of discovering redundancies in IT.

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