Planisware Solutions

Our solutions provide 3 core capabilities that directly get you to the heart of your projects' activities:

  • Explore: an ability to gain instant insight through what-if scenario planning and model scenarios to drive smarter options and choices.
  • Analyze: an ability to consider options and constraints to maximize the value delivered
  • Execute: an ability to drive and complete projects - using any methodology - and see how they contribute to the organization’s objectives and goals
Functional architecture

Planisware Orchestra

Adaptive Project Management at its best
Portfolio management to project execution
A turnkey cloud solution to quickly streamline your project decision-making, foster collaboration and ensure best practice across your whole organization.

Planisware Enterprise

Strategic Portfolio Management at scale
Advanced portfolio and project delivery
Built to capture your strategy, align your portfolio, execute your projects, accelerate your products to market, and co-ordinate your teams efficiently.


Solutions that fit your business needs

Agility and IT Project Portfolios

Delivering the infrastructure of the future for IT companies to thrive

Build the right portfolio and accelerate delivery of IT projects.  With a 98% satisfaction rate received from our clients globally, we lead in the development of comprehensive solutions to automate IT portfolio management, accelerate digital transformation, simplify IT architecture, reduce operating risks, and facilitate data-informed decisions.

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Product Development

Build the right portfolio. Accelerate products to market.

More than one third of the world's 100 largest R&D portfolios are managed by Planisware. Working alongside customers in automotive, fast moving goods, life sciences, chemicals, high tech and more, Planisware's integration solutions drive their products from idea to market and beyond.

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Project Controls & Engineering

Connect planning with cost to optimize outcomes

Streamline collaboration, create visibility, and optimize outcomes for complex engineering and construction projects. Planisware Enterprise connects contracts, schedules, documents, and financial information on a single platform to simplify access and maximize control.

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Revenue Generating Projects

Project Business Automation

Planisware for Project Business Automation is designed for organizations driving customer-facing, revenue generating projects, seeking to maximize the financial performance of their engagements.

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We wanted to accelerate some of our programs. We had a new CEO coming in. He wanted to know what can we do? How quickly can we do it? What's it going to cost? We were able to turn it around in 6 hours. And I think it impressed our CEO - and it turned out to be accurate [Watch the interview].

- Tom Benedetto,
Global Head of OPAL Program GMD Operations, AstraZeneca

Key functional areas

Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)

Connects your strategic vision to execution : SPM ensures that your investments and resources stay focused on the initiatives that drive your strategy forward, even as conditions change.

Planisware's SPM capabilities help you create a clear view of objectives and roadmaps, align investments with strategic themes, and keep efforts focused as your strategy evolves.

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Agile and Agility at Scale

The practice of Enterprise Agile encompasses lean portfolio managementagile funding and budget management, agile team run and reporting, and scaled agile, which is the agile development and release of initiatives involving multiple Agile teams.

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Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

Planisware  solutions help organizations drive their PPM activities by capturing strategies and ambitions.   Requests across the organization are quickly collected and triaged.  Project delivery is supported and the organization is held accountable. Impactful business decisions are made as project's are prioritized following best-in-class management techniques.

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Enterprise Architecture (EA)

Understand your IT infrastructure with a consolidated view of application lifecycles, metrics including Total Cost of Ownership, TIME status (Tolerate, Invest, Migrate, Eliminate), and more.

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Aerospace & Defense

Both large organizations, such as Airbus and Safran, as well as specialized companies, such as CAE and L3 Harris, rely on Planisware solutions to manage programs, products and projects.

Our A&D customers often deploy such features as:

  • an extended enterprise system that includes subcontractors
  • deliverables management and work package delegation
  • progress tracking through Earned Value
  • PLM and ERP integration

Within the Automotive industry, Planisware meets the requirements for both full-scale program management for car manufacturers and product innovation for part suppliers.

Planisware has been deployed within automaker companies such as Ford and Renault, as well as part suppliers, such as Michelin and Schaeffler.

Capabilities frequently deployed include:

  • vehicle engineering roadmaps and program management
  • critical resource usage optimization
  • project / program deliverables and technology projects
  • CMS / PLM integration


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Banking & Insurance

Planisware manages the activities around the development of banking and insurance products and IT projects.

Planisware has been deployed within banking and insurance companies such as AXA, GeneraliSociete Generale, Volkswagen Financial Services.

Capabilities frequently deployed include:

  • Strategic Portfolio Management
  • IT Project and Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Agile

Planisware has been deployed within speciality chemicals companies such as Gelita, as well as crop science organizations, such as Bayer CropScience and Syngenta.

Frequently deployed capabilities include:

  • new product blue printing: from ideation to business case and product design
  • portfolio management and scenario building
  • methodology support such as Stage-Gate and 6-sigma processes
  • gate reviews and meeting management

Within Energy, Planisware is used for capital planning, maintenance of facilities and networks, research & development, as well as retail projects.

Planisware solutions are used in the Energy industry to drive complex maintenance operations (EDF and Vattenfall), deal with long term capital planning (EDF), manage research & development (IFP, GDF Suez, Aramco), and manage the distribution network (Shell).

Within these various environments, Planisware key assets include:

  • simulation and scenario planning features
  • parametric estimation for reliable forecasting
  • deliverables management and work package delegation
  • consolidation capabilities
Fast Moving Goods

See how Planisware facilitates management of project and product requests, enabling you to efficiently prioritize and on-board new work.

Frequently deployed features include:

  • advanced profit & loss computations
  • portfolio simulation and scenario building
  • Phase-Gate product development process
  • formulation / product data management

A majority of product development businesses have adopted a phase-gated New Product Development (NPD) methodology to manage their NPD process, from idea to launch and beyond. Such processes help organizations reduce risks, optimize portfolio value, and shorten time-to-market.

Planisware's differentiated offerings within the High-Tech industry include:

  • Strategic alignment with the help of Roadmapping and Strategic buckets functionalities
  • Agile process support (requirements down to sprint/story management)
  • Phase-Gate process support
Life Sciences

Within life science organizations, Planisware manages discovery projects and clinical trials, as well as phase IV projects such as marketing and regulatory while providing visibility with program management.

Planisware has been deployed within pharmaceutical companies of all sizes (from the top 20 such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, and Pfizer to the fast growing such as Incyte, Jazz Pharma), biotechs (e.g., Biogen, Amgen), animal health organizations (e,g., Boehringer Ingelheim, Elanco), crop science (e.g., Syngenta, Bayer CropScience), generic drug companies (e.g., Allergan, Teva), medical device organizations (e.g. Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Roche Diagnostics), and large clinical research organizations (e.g., DCRI).

Planisware capabilities frequently deployed include:

Med Tech

Within the Med Tech industry, Planisware manages discovery and product development projects.

Planisware has been deployed into medical device organizations such as Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices and Roche Diagnostics.

Frequently deployed capabilities include:

  • Combine Agile and Phase-Gate projects within your program and track progress
  • Management of the Portfolio of Projects, ensure project alignment, and accelerate your budget cycles
  • Manage your key resources more effectively to accelerate product delivery

Planisware customers by industry


Our customers use Planisware as their core solution to optimize their project and product activities and accelerate their transformation.

A Fully-Owned Cloud Infrastructure

Planisware Cloud Infrastructure

Planisware delivers its solutions through a fully owned infrastructure stack ensuring robust, scalable and secure operations:

  1. Performance & availability: High level of availability and full control of compute resource allocation
  2. Security: Highest security level. Guarantee of Customer data segregation.
  3. Data residency: Full visibility on and control of customer data location.

Planisware SaaS Platform Key Facts

  • Planisware operates across 7 data centers worldwide. Its SaaS platform is designed to be robust, scalable and secured.
  • Planisware operations achieved the highest security levels: ISO27001, SOC2 TYPE2, TISAX Level 3.
  • Planisware platform is collocated in Tier 1 facilities (Equinix and PhoenixNAP)
  • Cloud infrastructure features built-in redundancies and robust disaster recovery
Across 3 Continents
Random Access Memory
RAM Capacity
SSD Storage Capacity