Companies spending less than 13 percent of their software project costs on training are three times more likely to fall short of their business and project goals than organizations spending 17 percent or more.

- Gartner,
Consulting services for businesses in the IT sector

[...] Each hour of effective training is worth five hours to the employing organization.

- Gartner,
Consulting services for businesses in the IT sector

Engage will help you solve the 3 main training challenges

Engage will help you solving the 3 main training challenges


Flexible, tailored, and cost-effective training from Planisware

Planisware Engage module is a customizable, on-demand training solution that provides a unique and compelling value to increase usage and adoption of your organization's Planisware solution.

From onboarding and beyond, leverage Planisware Engage to scale your learning efforts without compromising on the user experience.

Engage can easily be adapted to your organization's size and maturity level. We work together to build a robust adoption and training program that meets your needs.


Engage Team

Role-based training

Different trainings for different needs

  • A team member will not have the same training needs as a Project manager, which is why all of our trainings are role-based according to your users' profiles.

  • Role-based training is not only based on people's positions, but also on their experience. For example, you are going to need different material for onboarding new users versus creating continuous training to fight the Forgetting curve.

  • You only a limited amount of time to dedicate to training. Do not waste time and energy digging through hours of content for the right learning material: Engage will solve this problem for you.

Create, publish and launch personalized Planisware training

  • Create custom training materials tailored to your specific requirements and business needs using Planisware pre-built templates and Planisware experts' support.

  • Blend a variety of learning and content formats and approaches to cater to all types of learners, including videos, presentations, screenshots, step-by-step tutorials and knowledge checks.



Track learning progress and ensure the success of your business

  • Set up deadlines and checklists for your learners so they can complete and manage their assigned courses.

  • Empower managers and project leads to monitor learning progress and quickly adapt the learning to your team's needs.

Our typical journey when deploying Engage


1- Review and define your training needs, goals and use cases.


2- Activate and customize your Engage module.

Activate and customize your Engage module and onboard end-users



Option: create/help you creating training materials.

3- Onboard your users

Optional: create training material with or without the help of Planisware experts