Our Commitment to Integration with SAP

Across industries, businesses are exploring how digital transformation initiatives can accelerate and sustain business growth. At Planisware our unwavering focus is on delivering exponential value through our project and strategic portfolio management solutions and connecting with your wider technology ecosystem.

Within Planisware, our global team of specialist integrators helps connect Planisware Enterprise with SAP for unified insights. Our commitment to SAP has enabled clients globally to drive new avenues of growth and resulted in Planisware being certified by SAP for reliability and performance. 


Our Featured SAP Customer Integrations

IT Service Provider of a German Insurance Company

Certain departments of the customer’s company are linked to each other in a service relationship within the Group. Project activities are only roughly planned in the SAP PS module. Detailed technical planning is done in Planisware Enterprise. The service providers’ activities, planned expenses, and actual expenses recorded in SAP PS must be exported from SAP PS to Planisware Enterprise in order to provide a comprehensive view of all projects.

When creating a project in Planisware Enterprise, a project cost center is also automatically created, which is exported to SAP CO overnight and recorded as a project cost center. At the same time, actual data is synchronized between Planisware Enterprise and SAP CO. Since actual costs are only recorded in SAP CO, they must be exported to Planisware Enterprise. Project expenses for certain resources stored in Planisware Enterprise are also transferred to SAP CO. The LDAP interface handles user authentication during login.

SAP in insurance

IT Service Provider in the Swiss Financial Sector


Projects and WBS elements are recorded in Planisware Enterprise and transferred to SAP PS on-demand or updated, respectively. Each project and WBS element exists only once in Planisware Enterprise but is created and updated in several company codes simultaneously in SAP PS. Since Planisware Enterprise is a SaaS-based solution, data is transferred to the customer’s SAP system via the cloud. Certificate-based authentication is used for communication.

SAP master data (profit centers, cost centers, etc.) and SAP transaction data (actual costs, budgets, ...) are transferred from SAP BW to Planisware Enterprise. This interface has been implemented generically with SAP BW. As a result, all data (and potential other data) is transmitted through the same structure. Employee master data is transferred from SAP HR to Planisware Enterprise, where all individual resources are displayed, including employees joining and leaving the company as well as changing departments. The complete resource structure in Planisware Enterprise is also generated from this data. Since the application is SaaS-based, the SFTP server in the customer’s network is accessed from the cloud. Planisware users authenticate themselves via single sign-on (SSO) from the cloud with the customer’s internal Active Directory server.

German Supplier to the Automotive Industry

The project structure is planned in Planisware Enterprise and transferred to SAP PS. The generation of SAP project numbers is initiated by Planisware Enterprise as the leading system in SAP PS. In turn, SAP PS assigns a SAP number, which is then transferred back to Planisware. The PLM interface is used to link Planisware with the PLM system (Windchill PTC). This interface ensures that relevant documents are available in Planisware Enterprise. Moreover, it enables access to relevant data and project activities in Windchill PTC. The LDAP interface handles user authentication during login.

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