• Date: Thursday, 21st September 2023
  • Event duration: 45m
  • Time: 5:00pm CEST (11:00am EDT)

About this event

You're in yet another meeting, the room buzzing enthusiastically for the next big product launch, but how many times have you been caught up in the initial excitement, only to witness those ambitions getting entangled in outdated methods and misdirection?

As the conversation continues around you, another thought emerges, "Is this truly the right direction, or just another empty promise?”

In the world of New Product Development (NPD), the clarity of a well-defined strategy often seems overshadowed by well-meaning ideas but ultimately is often out of reach or faced with delays making your new launch, not so new.

It is why in our 45-minute webinar, David Pereira, Product Coach in the automobile, public, trade marketing, and e-commerce industries, will illuminate:

  • Real-life stories highlighting new product hurdles.
  • Integrating traditional methods with modern approaches when defining your product’s direction.
  • Crafting your product's blueprint through user needs and transforming your product vision into tangible outcomes.
  • The 5 most common traps and pitfalls to avoid encountered by product development teams.
  • How a solid and revised strategy acts as a barrier for warding off inefficiencies and ensuring timely execution.

Recorded Webinar: Product Strategy or Empty Promises? Setting the Right Direction

Learn to distinguish between a genuine strategy and empty promises in New Product Development (NPD) with David Pereira.
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Meet the Panelists

Planisware David Pereira Product Management
CEO at omoqo GmbH & Product Leader
Gabriel Camacho
Digital Marketing Manager / Social Media