• Date: Thursday, 29th February 2024
  • Time: 1:00pm EST

About this event

Join us for a Masterclass on the basics of Investment Portfolio, presented by our consultant expert, Sarah-Claude Amyot. This exclusive session will provide you insights into the capabilities of Investment Portfolios and the transformative value it can bring to your organization.

The purpose of an investment portfolio is to establish centralized management and oversight for projects and/or programs. It ensures the business is taking on the right projects, and making sure they align with the company’s values, strategies, and goals.


We will have a second session on Investment Portfolio during Exchange24, our annual user summit, April 23-25. This event will offer you the chance to dive deeper into the possibilities offered by Investment Portfolios and provide you with a hands-on experience.

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Meet the Panelists

Sarah-Claude Amyot Headshot
Functional Consultant & Project Manager