• Date: Tuesday, 26th March 2024 - Wednesday, 27th March 2024
  • Time: 8:30am EDT

About this event

Planisware will be joining leading food innovators, professionals, and experts in Atlanta, Georgia as they discuss the newest innovations, technologies and developments in the industry. Join us and listen to speakers share cutting-edge case studies and exciting stories that can help you improve your product launch success rate. 

Why attend?

  • Promote and innovate, global Food Tech talent that develops technological solutions to enhance our food system.
  • Establish a cooperative worldwide community of companies engaged in food technology.
  • Encourage governments and government-affiliated organizations to learn and participate more within the Food Tech industry.
  • Establish connections with important international players.
  • Share your own thoughts while expanding your knowledge and skill set.
  • Make new contacts and strengthen existing ones with like-minded people.