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Planisware has been deployed within pharmaceutical companies of all sizes and works today with 18 of the top 20 pharma companies worldwide. Thanks to its flexibility and ease of use, Planisware is considered necessary for small to midsize  pharma companies to scale in the short, mid and long term.  

Planisware helps pharma organizations manage a range of projects, from discovery  and clinical trials to marketing and regulatory activities in phase IV, all the while benefiting from program management visibility. Key capabilities used by Pharma organizations include:

Multi-level planning

Synchronization of the program timeline with cross-functional plans allowing better collaboration between different functions.

Learn why your organization needs cross-functional planning for drug development.

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Multi level planning

Parametric Estimation

Built-in framework generates forecasts which are based on project parameters, study drivers, or company-defined algorithms.

Every product development project is unique. While this makes R&D exciting, it also makes it unpredictable.

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Probability of Technical and Regulatory Success (PTRS)

Planisware enables users to define a PTRS factor for each decision point, which can be applied to the relevant resources and costs.

A portfolio view that takes attrition into account provides organizations with a more realistic understanding of the probable demands on costs and resources “n” years down the road. This knowledge helps organizations monitor the drug discovery pipeline and anticipate future resource needs. 

versions and simulations

Versions and simulations

Planisware offers what-if analysis capabilities so that users can explore alternative scenarios for projects and portfolios.

Assess and compare the impact of changes - for example, adding, removing, delaying or accelerating clinical studies or work packages, changing future milestones, freezing projects, changing the scope of a project, or requiring a significant change in workload – before deciding on a course of action. 

Integration with your CTMS

Integration with your clinical trial management system (CTMS) solution, primarily to import drivers for your algorithms to improve the accuracy of estimation.


References in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Planisware has a particularly long history of serving life science organizations, delivering our first tailored solution for Sanofi back in 1996. Today, we are the software of choice for some of the largest Pharma and CRO organizations in the world.


Accelerating the development of medical devices


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Since its inception, Planisware  specializes in providing a tailored Project Portfolio Management solution and Strategic Portfolio Management to the Medical Devices industry. Planisware helps organizations enhance their operational efficiency and reduce waste by optimizing resource allocation and streamlining project management processes, enabling them to allocate additional budget towards high revenue-generating projects, critical research, and development initiatives. 

Optimize resource management

Planisware facilitates optimized resource allocation, enabling medical device companies to assign the right resources with the right skills to the right projects and tasks, leading to increased efficiency, improved headcount planning, and minimized resource waste. 

optimize resource management
development agility

Development Agility

Planisware enables medical device organizations to react quickly to market changes, deliver new products faster, and validate business decisions by providing up-to-date data, real-time visibility, and what-if scenario modeling capabilities. 

Increase Portfolio Value

Planisware's organization-wide portfolio transparency and management features can help drive strategic investments and achieve company-wide alignment by monitoring budgets, resource allocation, and project statuses in real-time. 


increase portfolio value
enhance project visibility

Enhance Project Visibility

Planisware eliminates silos, providing a unified view of projects and interdependencies. This single source of truth enables efficient decision-making, leading to accelerated product launches, optimized resource allocation, and improves project management predictability for medical device makers.

References in the Medical Device Industry

Planisware has a particularly long history of serving Medical Devices organizations, tailoring our product to that industry's needs. Today, we are the software of choice for mid to large size Medical Devices organizations.

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