Who can apply?

Any current Planisware Enterprise or Orchestra customer can submit. A Planisware partner can nominate a customer. If the submission is on behalf of a customer, your customer must agree to the content of the submission and be contacted by Planisware.

What if our organization is a global one, can we still make a submission?

Yes. Regardless of where your organization is located, all Planisware customers that use either Enterprise or Orchestra can make a submission.

Can I make more than one submission?

Yes. Multiple entries from the same company can be submitted, so long as each entry is on a different project.

If we participated in the awards previously, can we still make a submission?

Yes, you’re welcome to submit again.


If you are a previous winner, please be sure your submission is on a different project.


Previous finalists and submissions who did not become a winner can submit on the same project or submit a new one.

What kind of project should I submit?

Submissions should feature a product, process, or service, with a focus on tangible business outcomes and benefits while leveraging Planisware solutions.


Submissions can spotlight achievements at any stage, whether in implementation or over the course of using Planisware solutions. Submissions should demonstrate achieved business benefits or address a challenge that a company sought to resolve.


Project themes can include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased efficiencies, productivity, or automation
  • Optimized internal processes, reduced manual labor, etc. leading to more transparency and additional savings.
  • Impactful transformation of your organization through Planisware solutions, training, and/or change management programs.
Can I see examples of Award entries?

An example submission can be found on the submission page for reference. You can also check out the submissions of previous winners through their use-case stories below:

What information is required for a submission?

The following details are needed for the submission:

  • Lead Submitter First and Last Name
  • Work Email Address
  • Project Summary
    • Summary should include details of the challenge the company sought to address and the solution(s) put in place to address the challenges as it relates to Planisware Enterprise or Planisware Orchestra

  • Project Details
    • Project details should include a brief description about the submitting company, the challenge the company was facing, keys to success in addressing said challenge, and business benefits achieved.

  • Benefits to Business
    • Summarize the benefits, outcomes realized, and/or value that resulted from the project shared, especially with quantifiable metrics where applicable.

  • Key Project Members
    • Those involved in the project shared. Members of the Planisware team are welcome to be mentioned.

  • Preferred Mailing Address
  • Acknowledgement of Planisware's Privacy Policy
  • Agreement to Awards Terms & Conditions
Do we have to follow the format of the submission form fields?

You and your team have the creative freedom to write your submission as you see fit and send it to We do ask that the elements covered on the submission form (Project Summary + Details, Benefits to Business, and Key Project Members) are covered, and in your email, you have written acknowledgment of Planisware’s Privacy Policy and Award Terms & Conditions.

Can we include additional content along with our submission (such as a PPT presentation or images)?

Absolutely. Please send any additional content that will go in hand with your submission to

Can I get help with a submission?

Yes, your Planisware Account Executive, Customer Success Manager, and/or Consultant(s) are available to help answer any questions you may have related to your submission. This can be ideas on what to submit, the information needed based on the submission criteria, and general Planisware Excellence Awards questions. You can also reach out to

Will information from my submission be made public?

If selected as a finalist and winner, we would like to spotlight details of your submission to other customers as well as through social media channels, the awards website, and the Community Form. Note the Terms & Conditions below:

By making a submission to the Planisware Excellence Awards program, you understand and acknowledge that Planisware may (i) share your submission with members of the Planisware Excellence Awards jury and participants of the Exchange 2023 conference, which may include other customers of Planisware and (ii) publish a list of all participants including your company name, logo, and finalist or winner status on its website and in social media channels. Any use case publication will be coordinated with you and subject to your prior approval. Please contact your Planisware representative if you have any questions about our use of your submission information.  

What is the deadline to participate?

Submissions must be received by 11:59pm PST on March 24, 2023 through the online submission forum or by email to Note if you send by email, you must include written acknowledgment of agreeing to Planisware’s Privacy Policy and the Award Terms & Conditions.

Selection Process

What are the selection criteria?

The following points are the selection criteria:

  • Indication of anticipated business value the organization sought to achieve
  • Showcasing a complex problem and finding a simpler solution with Planisware
  • Impactful use case that another organization can learn from to address the same challenge
  • How innovative the solution was to the problem statement
How are the finalists decided?

A judging panel consisting of Planisware Executives will review the submissions based on selection criteria and vote on finalists.

When will the finalists be announced?

Finalists will be announced via email to all Planisware customers and through the Community Forum.

How are winners decided?

A judging panel consisting of Planisware customers will review the finalists based on selection criteria and vote on award winners.

When are the winners announced?

Winners are announced live during Exchange23 in San Francisco, California on May 17, 2023

Am I required to attend Exchange23 in order to receive an Excellence Award?

No, you do not need to be in attendance. Attendance is entirely optional for you and your colleagues. All winners will be acknowledged at the Award Ceremony regardless if the team is in attendance or not.


What do winners receive?
  • Flight & Lodging to the next in-person Exchange & dinner with Planisware executives (1 individual per submission)
  • Community Badge, Trophy, and a Planisware Gift
  • Use case produced by Planisware showcasing your achievements
Do I get anything for submitting a project, or becoming a finalist?

Yes! Those who submit a project will receive a Planisware branded gift. Finalists will receive a Planisware gift and a Community badge.

My company have guidelines as far as what items I can accept. What if there's something I cannot receive?

If there's a reward you're not able to receive, or that you have questions about, write to We're happy to work with you on finding alternative rewards that you can receive.

Additional Questions

Where do I send additional questions/feedback?

For questions about the Planisware Excellence awards or to share feedback about the experience, please email us at