The former name of the Planisware solution. With the advent of P5 in 2009, OPX2 was rebranded "Planisware".

In 1996, Planisware debuted OPX2, revolutionary enterprise project portfolio management software designed to enable comprehensive vision and control over the entire organizational portfolio. From the very beginning, OPX2 offered unparalleled flexibility, which, to this day, allows our software to support your business processes (and not the other way around).

Throughout the years, OPX2 software rapidly evolved - expanding in both its operational as well as strategic portfolio and decision support capabilities, developing industry-specific solutions, and incorporating industry leading practices, all while maintaining an intuitive interface.

Meanwhile, as OPX2 flourished in the global environment, we found that in some markets, it was simply easier for our customers to refer to our software as Planisware.

With the advent of Release 5, Planisware decided to rebrand "OPX2" software as "Planisware" with the goals of improving the visibility of our software.