Tom Austin continues to be a potent industry presence, as he has been for over 40 years. He is the author of over a thousand research notes and papers and quoted by many press sources including The New York Times, The Financial Times and Wall Street Journal. Tom is in his element dealing with both the depths of a broad range of technologies (from the capabilities and limits of artificial intelligence through the nature of information processing and learning in living organisms) and dealing with and creating disruptive innovation. Tom played a key role in early identification of major disruptive trends such as social software, client-server and cloud architectures and implementation and the impact of commoditization and consumerization of technology. 

Tom is the co-founder and driving force behind The Analyst Syndicate, LLC, a new business model for dozens of independent analysts to maximize their personal impact working with each other. He is also the creator of The Austin Group, LLC (a personal consultancy to executives and enterprises).