Stephen Toton is a former Vice President of Corporate Science & Technology with DuPont. His career spans over 36 years of leading R&D organizations, joint ventures and startups in commercializing transformational products in industries such as Electronics, Displays, Printing, Packaging, Ink Jet, Authentication, and Medical Imaging.

Between 2010 and 2015, Stephen worked with the senior leadership in DuPont to shape and implement the Innovation Strategy and Best practices across DuPont’s $2.2 Billion of R&D within 12 Global Business Units and Central Research targeting growth areas in Agriculture, Health and Nutrition, Biotechnology, and Material Sciences. He developed a method of characterizing the R&D/Innovation portfolio and measuring R&D/Innovation financial performance. He led the way in establishing an enterprise PPM system across business boundaries. These best practices enabled a better methodology for prioritizing organic and external investments to improve technical effectiveness and the top line revenue growth of the company.