• Date: Tuesday, 20th June 2023
  • Time: 6:00pm UTC (2:00pm EDT)

About this event

Join industry analyst Ross Armstrong from Info-Tech Research Group and Olivier Fleischmann from Planisware for an insightful webinar as they explore the essential components of a successful Digital Transformation journey. In today's fast-paced business landscape, organizations across all sectors are embracing new digital transformation strategies to enhance customer experience, increase productivity, and drive profitability. However, getting over the initial hump of delivering on these transformation strategies is always challenging.


During this webinar, they will delve into the critical steps of how to enable Digital Transformation with best practices, break silos, and provide visibility across the organization, while driving continuous improvement and adaptability in the ever-changing digital landscape.


Through real-life examples and practical insights, they will highlight the key strategies, tools, and methodologies that can help organizations successfully undertake their Digital Transformation journey. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and learn how to overcome common challenges in your own digital initiatives. Join us and be prepared to embark on a transformative path towards digital excellence!

Recorded Webinar: From Vision to Reality: Mastering Digital Strategy Execution

This webinar will provide insights and tools for overcoming challenges in digital transformation, enhancing adaptability, and breaking organizational silos, guided by real-life examples.
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Meet the Panelists

Olivier Fleischmann Headshot
VP Digital Transformation Practice
Ross Armstrong Headshot
Principal Advisory Director, Info-Tech Research Group