• Date: Wednesday, 6th September 2023
  • Event duration: 1:00h
  • Time: 11:00am IST (1:30am EDT)

About this event

In this webinar, subject matter experts from Planisware and i2e will collaborate to provide an in-depth analysis of complex challenges encountered by Project Management Offices (PMOs), including but not limited to resource allocation, project visibility, and portfolio management. The session will also feature a focused demonstration of Planisware Orchestra, in addition to real-world use cases for a better understanding.


  1. Examination of Challenges in Project Management Encountered by PMOs
  2. Detailed Discussion on Resource Allocation, Project Visibility, and Portfolio Management Problematics
  3. Introduction and Overview of Planisware Orchestra - a Gartner leader
  4. Analysis of How Planisware Orchestra Resolves Identified Challenges
  5. Best Practices for Achieving Success in Project Management
  6. Case Studies Illustrating Effective Solutions
  7. Question & Answer Session
  8. Concluding Remarks