• Date: Monday, 4th December 2023 - Tuesday, 5th December 2023
  • Local date: Sunday, 3rd December 2023 EST - Monday, 4th December 2023 EST
  • Time: 12:00am CET (6:00pm EST)

About this event

PMOUNCON was designed as a holistic experience rather than a one-off event, with a focus on engagement, personalization, collaboration, continuous learning, and community-building.

Just as in the world of 'Customer Experience', these principles turn a 'transaction' into a relationship, a passive attendee into an active participant, and an ephemeral event into an ongoing journey.

PMOUNCON is a thoughtfully designed concept of 'Attendee Experience' that resonates with the real-life challenges and needs of the global PMO community. At PMOUNCON, every interaction is designed to provide value, enhancing both the individual and collective experience.

Planisware is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of this event.

Enjoy the experience!