• Date: Tuesday, 5th December 2023 - Wednesday, 6th December 2023
  • Time: 1:00pm -03 (11:00am EST)

About this event

Jeremy Scully, Head of Latin America, will be presenting at this event.

Presentation Details

Discover the revolution that is shaping the way we see and approach projects in the contemporary world. Introducing: "Enter a new world of work: How to create a competitive advantage in the Project Economy"

In this rapidly evolving environment, global challenges require innovative solutions. With the rise of "The Project Economy", we have a framework ready to provide answers and create significant competitive advantages. This presentation will unveil how previous global superpowers established their hegemonies and will reveal how Brazil can, strategically, position itself in this emerging scenario.


Event Details

PMI São Paulo celebrates its birthday and you’re the winner! 

In 2023, we celebrate 25 years and invite you to the  21st edition of the International Project Management Seminar , our  21SIGP . Come check out everything that will happen at this celebration!

The event is crucial for professionals in the country's Project Management areas and will have the theme  LEADING SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS IN AN ERA OF TECHNOLOGICAL DISRUPTION  and will feature nationally and internationally renowned speakers, keynotes and panelists.

The proposal is to discuss the development of the project manager's career amidst so many challenges and innovations, as well as content related to the areas:

  • Governance
  • ESG
  • Sustainability
  • Technological Disruption
  • Innovation
  • And much more!