Johanna Dwyer is a multifaceted intellectual property and technology strategy specialist with over 20 years’ experience leading IP, research, development, and innovation. Her education combines a Sloan Fellow MBA in Innovation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with dual bachelor of science degrees in applied mathematics and mechanical engineering and masters’ studies in the implementation of electronics for radio applications. Johanna has established comprehensive programs for the identification of valuable IP from portfolios of over 40,000 assets, has developed triage processes for identifying high potential properties, and has established systems to track and continue the progression of IP assets towards license opportunities. She has additionally established infringement analysis teams, which look for use of corporate IP in competitor products and services, and perform testing and reverse engineering to provide proof of infringement. Johanna has advised large private equity firms on their portfolio companies, with respect to company valuations and intellectual property strategy. She has established research presences globally, including building collaborative research engagements with universities and large companies, successfully cross-licensing IP, and developing technology commercialization strategies.

A prolific inventor, Johanna has 145 worldwide granted patents and 351 worldwide patent applications pending.