Alexandra is Digital Content Director for Planisware, and the creator (and current editor) of the PlaniswareHub Monthly Brief.

Alexandra fell in love with project management while reading Scott Berkun’s “Making Things Happen” when she realized the multiplier effect that excellent project management techniques could have on pretty much any sort of human endeavor. This was compounded by the discovery that she might be a systems thinker despite a misspent youth studying business and law, and that could explain the slightly befuddled look on some people’s faces when she explaining something.

She now heads Planisware’s Digital Content initiative where she can indulge in her passion for sharing non-classical best practices (especially those backed by real data) and thought-provoking nuggets of wisdom about project and portfolio management (and strategy, and leadership… especially when it involves humor).

She is the creator and the current editor of the PlaniswareHub Monthly Brief, a monthly roundup of the 6 to 10 most insightful articles about Project and Portfolio management published around the web.