DateTitleDocument type
June 13, 20242023 Extra-financial performance statementRegulated information
May 31, 2024Total number of shares and voting rightsRegulated information
May 21, 2024Q1 2024 revenue and roadshow presentationsRoadshow presentation
May 21, 2024Q1 2024 revenue presentationQuarter revenue presentation
April 15, 2024Second supplement to the registration document - I.24-002IPO regulated information
April 15, 2024Securities note and summary of the Prospectus - 24-114IPO regulated information
March 03, 20242023 FY resultsAnnual results
March 03, 20242023 FY results presentationAnnual results presentation
DateTitleDocument Type
September 29, 2023Securities Note - 23-414IPO regulated information
September 29, 2023Supplement to the Registration Document - I.23-031IPO regulated information
September 18, 2024Registration Document - I.23-030IPO regulated information