Bring Orchestra expertise to the core of your organization

Benefit from regular support from an Orchestra expert as if they were part of your team. Entrust them with your platform administration tasks, configuration, interfacing, updating, and data maintenance.

Let Planisware manage your PPM application so you can focus on your business

Planisware Managed Services are designed to help organizations reduce cost, enable key PPM capabilties and enhance business processes to unlock the value of using a PPM solution. It takes on the ongoing, day-to-day responsibilities, monitoring, and maintenance of a range of tasks and functions for you. 

Common Planisware Managed Services functions include: 

  • General Administration: Assume the role of your administrator and take charge of monitoring and maintaining your platform​ (users, timesheets follow up, OBS updates, etc)
  • Technical Design: Benefit from our expertise in technical design to align with your custom business and functional requirements (implement new processes, keep them up-to-date, avoid errors, etc) 
  • Migration Assistance: Provide migrations expertise, user testing (UAT), and internal communication​
  • Reporting and BI Expertise​: Accelerate the creation and maintenance of custom reportings or dashboards while ensuring a good level of data quality
  • Interfaces Monitoring​: Get your connected interfaces under control and react quickly to any incidents