Accelerate time to value, increase productivity and adoption with guidance from our Planisware experts

Planisware Ramp-up Plans consist of audits, workshops, and recommendations to kickstart a new phase in your PPM journey. 

Choose your plan among the following topics and fast-track value from your PPM investment:

  • Roadmap to AI: AI is reshaping project management, offering opportunities to increase efficiency, precision, and quality. Get the most value out of their available data and uncover new data insights.
  • Risk Management: Implement a strong risk management program to consider the full range of risks it faces, examine the relationship between different types of business risks and the cascading impact they could have on your organization's strategic goals and finally set-up accurate DPEF reports.
  • Agility​: Who hasn’t heard about Agility or SAFe today? Let Planisware help you infuse and support your path toward the agility of your global, distributed (cross-organizational), and virtual project teams.
  • Strengthen User Adoption: User adoption is critical to get the most value out of your PPM solution and drive your organization's success ! How does you organization set its contributors on the path of success and empower its workforce?
  • Data quality: "Data is an organization's most strategic asset". As data volumes continue to explode, the matter can no longer be treated as a benign neglect. Benefit from Planisware guidance to get a grip on your data quality.
  • Usage, Quality and Performance audit​: Get a 360° vision on your Planisware application to measure user adoption and change benefits, as well as adjust process & user assistance, prepare for a migration or extension, and solve performance and usage issues.
  • Data analytics & BI: Transform your data into insights that drive breakthroughs and improve decision-making capabilities.

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Roadmap to AI
Risk Management
Strengthen User Adoption
Data Quality
Usage, Quality and Performance audit
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