Planisware has been deployed within pharmaceutical companies of all sizes (from the top 20 such as Johnson & Johnson, Roche, and Pfizer to the fast growing such as Incyte, Jazz Pharma), biotechs (e.g., Biogen, Amgen), animal health organizations (e,g., Boehringer Ingelheim, Elanco), crop science (e.g., Syngenta, Bayer CropScience), generic drug companies (e.g., Allergan, Teva), medical device organizations (e.g. Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices, Roche Diagnostics), and large clinical research organizations (e.g., DCRI).

LS Pillar

Enhance productivity with efficient resource management

Allocate and manage resources efficiently

Benefit from a  purpose built  solution geared to pre-plan, schedule, and allocate team members to projects. Forecast future capacity levels and understand where change can be made with the resources you have available. 


Accelerate the projects that have a purpose with accurate quality control

Operating with a stringent regulatory framework means producing life changing solutions can become a challenging task. Increase your chances of success by consolidating all project information into a consolidated roadmap 

Mitigate risk and optimize your portfolio